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Our Approach

We are Alutamusic, the official owner and author of alutamusic.com. We are your number one music website meant for musicians and fans all over the globe. Having the importance of music at hand, we make sure to deliver the latest music from all the best musicians from all around the world to our users. So, explore and have fun with the wonderful platform of music.

Our Story

From the beginning of time, music has always been the source of internal relaxation and joy to mankind. So, as lovers of music, we desired a good music with an unaltered sound which were rare online; this therefore prompted us to creating our own music platform where we serve the best music with the best quality as fast as possible. Good music is what we love and good music is what we serve.

Our Goal

Alutamusic have served a great number of users over the years and counting due to it’s easy to use and plain features of our website. We also trying harder on improving our fast website’s speed to assure an easy and fast download.

Independent Artists

We found out over the years that most musical talents have wasted due to the competitive nature of the industry which in turn made it very hard for independent artists to excel. This therefore came to our notice to help promote as many independent artists as possible to reach their goals and maximize their potentials. So, if you are an independent artist, welcome to our platform where you will get the right audience and promotion that you sorely desire.

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