KSI – Wake Up Call ft. Trippie Redd MP3 Download [Video + Lyrics] Free


Download mp3 “Wake Up Call” by KSI  featuring Trippie Redd with video and Lyrics free. The British rapper and Youtuber has released an new song that got the world talking to kick off the new year 2020.

KSI is a British YouTuber, internet personality and rapper known for his YouTube video content. The video and lyrics is out of this world and is one of the best songs this year. Trippie Redd is an American male rapper who perfected this song with his own lyrics and flows.

If you are a fan of Hip Hop music, then Wake Up Call is for you; download and enjoy it free here!

Notable Lyrics

Funny, innit? (Huh?), now they wantin’ to get it (Money)
Now they wantin’ to visit (Ay)
‘Cause they watchin’ the riches (Milly)
See me gettin’ the cheddar (Cheese)
See me sprinkle the pepper (Season)
Panoramic my view and leadin’ and trendin’, whatever (Okay)
Feel it (Yeah), Thurman how I go kill it (Kill)
How you stakin’, get filet (Beef), ex ’em out to exhibit
I’m winnin’ in different avenues (‘nues)
Trippy my revenue (Ay)
Don’t see me ever lose, I jump hurdles like kangaroos

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Download “KSI - Wake Up Call ft. Trippie Redd” KSI-Wake-Up-Call-feat.-Trippie-Redd.mp3 – Downloaded 10 times – 7 MB

Watch the video here!

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